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PlusOne is an international agency that provides IVF and surrogacy services for foreign couples in Ukraine, making the dreams of parents-to-be come true. We achieve results thanks to the combined efforts of our experienced coordinators and the best fertility doctors in Ukraine
PlusOne is an international agency that provides IVF and surrogacy services for foreign couples in Ukraine

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In vitro fertilisation using the future mother’s oocytes or donor oocytes.
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A completely legal procedure in Ukraine with a guaranteed transfer of full rights of the baby to the parents-to-be.
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Egg donation

Assistance in donor matching for future fertilization without delays or long lines.
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Our programs

We offer 5 surrogacy programs, including programs that use both the future mother’s and donor oocytes, and surrogate mother services.
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International Center for Reproductive Medicine PlusOne

International Center for Reproductive Medicine

All-inclusive service
Each package includes everything that is required for the program. No hidden fees that will come as a nasty surprise.
A professional and highly experienced team
Our team consists of people who understand how the industry operates, our customer needs, and how to provide them with an exemplary level of service so that they will recommend us to their friends.
Our agency works with top fertility centres in Ukraine, Cyprus and the Czech Republic
We work with leading clinics in the industry that share our values and provide a high level of customer care and medical services. At the same time, the success rate of their programs is optimal.
We work with only the best doctors
Due to our good relations with our partner clinics, we refer our patients to the most experienced and professional physicians working in each of the clinics.
Transparent and open
We are committed to transparency. Our patients can communicate with the surrogate mother whenever they wish, learn all about each of the procedures performed, and be kept informed about the costs incurred by any third parties.
We are available 24/7 and are responsive
We understand how the birth of a baby and the process of its development in the womb is important for any couple, so we are here to answer your questions 24/7.
Exceptional surrogate care
Taking care of a child means taking care of the surrogate mother. Throughout the program, we keep in close contact with her, and regularly conduct examinations of her and the baby. 2 to 3 months before delivery, we provide a place of residence for the surrogate mother within easy reach of the clinic in order to maximize control over the course of pregnancy at the final stage.
Programs specially developed for gay couples and for single individuals
Together with our partners in Europe, we provide a surrogacy service for gay couples and single parents.
Top legal experts
We prepare all the necessary agreements at the initial stage of cooperation between the patient, clinic and surrogate mother. We also manage the child's legal documents and prepare you for your interview at the embassy.
Unique legislative regulation
Surrogacy is supported by the laws of Ukraine and has minimum restrictions. This is one of the important advantages of Ukraine over a number of other European and CIS countries.
The practice of official payments to the SM, which is unique for Ukraine
The practice of official payments to the surrogate mother guarantees the fulfilment of the obligations assumed by her to the customer.
No waiting list
We are ready to start the program as soon as we receive your consent, ensuring that any delays in finding a surrogate mother and donors are avoided.
Option to start the program without first visiting Ukraine
Using the option of transferring genetic material, you will be able to start the program without visiting Ukraine.
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We offer 5 effective IVF and surrogacy programs. We offer programs that use both motherown and donor oocytes, and surrogate mother services.
Jose Antonio


Olivia reviews
United Kingdom
I am sincerely grateful to PlusOne for bringing a long-awaited child into our family. We were hesitant about choosing an agency and surrogate for a long time. It was important to us to be sure that everything would go well. We were very impressed with how the director Ekaterina constantly supported us, shared her advice on how to find a common language with a surrogate mom, and calmed us down. Thanks to the agency everything worked out.
Hannah reviews
We contacted PlusOne to find a surrogate mother for our unborn child. The agency took great care of both us and the surrogate. You feel that you are taken care of, always in touch. The support you need in this "delicate" situation. In the beginning, there was a lot of excitement and fear, but now there is only peace of mind and gratitude. Nothing was hidden from me and my husband, everything was transparent and honest. Thank you very much.
Olivia reviews
It's a modern agency, really. In our experience, the approach is different from others we have gone to. And, of course, the technology. The level of the clinic feels immediately. At the moment we are in the middle of the process. We are satisfied with both doctors and director. No questions remain unanswered. Highly recommend!